If you don't know where to spend your holiday follow my advice: come to Liguria! in the area of Tigullio. Tigullio is a part of the Ligurian coast located between Portofino and Cinque Terre . Here you can find a mild weather and to relish good food, admiring very beautiful landscapes wich are frame between a row of green hill and a blue sea. I recommend you to enjoy your holidays in Sestri Levante, you can reach Genova from Sestri Levante by car driving for only 30 minutes. In Genova you will find the biggest Aquarium of Europe, so you can visit the Aquarium and learn everything about the different kinds of sea and animals living by the sea but also you can walk at the natural park of "cinque terre"; to show up memories about the past time, walking for the roman roads, maybe visiting the stony Luni.


Come to Camping Mare Monti if you want spend your spare time with friendly people in a family atmosphere...
Signed: a good adviser!